world's thickest horn

World’s Thickest Horns

  • Lurch –>Ankole-Watusi (breed of cattle)
World thickest horns

World’s thickest horn- Lurch

Lurch’s horns are a whopping 37.5 inches in circumference, which shatters the existing record of 31 inches. Those numbers have earned him a spot in the  Guinness of Records.

Lurch is an Ankole-Watusi steer, one of a breed known as “the cattle of kings” for their revered status among African tribes. Watusi cattle are known for their huge horns, but Lurch is a giant among giants – his are almost twice the average Watusi circumference of 18 to 20 inches. Wolf has raised Lurch since he was 5 weeks old, when she got him from a friend who raises Watusi for show.

world's thickest horn

Wolf with Lurch