world's thickest book


World’s thickest book -The Complete Miss Marple’ by Agatha Christie


The thickest published book measures 322 mm (12.67 in) in width and was unveiled by HarperCollins in London, UK, on 20 May 2009. All Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple stories – 12 novels and 20 short stories – are collected and published in this volume. The book contains an introduction by best-selling British mystery writer, Kate Mosse, who has often claimed that Agatha Christie is one of her favorite authors, and a water-color illustration of St. Mary’s Mead, Miss Marple’s fictional village, based on a drawing Christie herself created for The Murder at the Vicarage.

world's thickest book record

The book contains 4,032 pages and weighs 8.04 kg. There are 68 crimes committed; 11 philandering lovers; 68 secrets and lies; 22 false accusations; 59 red-herrings and 21 romances. In all, 43 murders are solved: 12 poisonings; 6 strangulations; 2 drownings; 2 stabbings; a burning; one blow to the head; one death by an arrow and 2 people pushed. 143 cups of tea are drunk in the massive volume, there are 66 maids and 47 garments are knitted. 500 copies of this limited edition record-breaking book will be produced and they will retail at £1,000 each.

Though no one’s tried it yet, reading at a pace of 30 pages an hour, it would take around 134 hours to finish the book.