world's smallest bird

World’s Smallest Bird

The Smallest Bird in the World is the Bee Hummingbird. Don’t let their small size fool you! They fly extremely fast – up to 80 km/h! They do upto 80 swings in a second. They are also very mobile, fervent birds and are extremely courageous in attacks with larger birds.

World's smallest bird

Hummingbirds might be known for their furious wing-flapping, but that avian family also lays claim to the smallest bird in the world. The bee hummingbird, found in Cuba, measures a little more than 2 in. (5 cm), counting the bill and the tail, and weighs about 2 grams— roughly the equivalent of two dimes.

world's smallest bird

The largest of all hummingbirds (the aptly named giant hummingbird) weighs about 10 times as much. Still, the wee bee variety can fly with the best of them, clocking in at about 50 to 80 flaps per second.