No. 1 Imperial Majesty

Worlds Most Expensive Perfume

“You are never fully dressed without perfume!”. And talking about perfumes, Clive Christians ‘No.1 Imperial Majesty’ is the World’s Most Expensive Perfume. The ‘No.1 Imperial Majesty’ bottle contains 500ml of Clive’s ‘No.1 Perfume’ and is set with a five carat brilliant cut diamond in a solid gold collar and is valued at 115,000 GBP (about 250,000 US).

The most expensive perfume

The entire bottle contains only 16.9 ounces of the signature perfume with the exquisite bottle being crafted out of Baccarat crystal.  It is truly royal in form as the bottle also has a gold collar made out of 18-carat gold embellished with a 5-carat brilliant-cut diamond.  This collar can later be engraved to include the owner’s name.  Only 10 bottles were made of this type with half of them being placed in archives- making it one of the most sought-after collectible products.  The unique scent of the perfume is inspired by natural fragrances such as bergamot, carnation, benzoin, lemon, cardamom and jasmine.  In fact, it is said that the bottle is made out of a material that is tough to work with and therefore there was frequent breakage during the production stage.  The perfume bottle is then cushioned in a ebony case that has a velvet lining and is embellished with gold and platinum detailing on the cover.

No. 1 Imperial Majesty

The rumor is that Sir Elton John had his fragrance in a bottle shaped like a piano.  Katie Holmes reportedly wore Clive Christian No. 1 at her wedding to Tom Cruise.

Guinness World Record For Worlds Most Expensive Perfume At Harrods

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Clive Christian , a high end perfume retailer has seen a 14% increase in its revenue this year.  Clive Christian undoubtedly bears the tag of creating the priciest perfumes in the world, as their 30mL bottles  cost  £ 2,700 (approximately $4,140.99)!  Despite the heavy price tags, the company has still managed to ring in profits this year and has tided well past the economic downturn with a 14.2% rise in its revenue, that makes it £13.2 million (approximately $20.2 million)  for the year 2012.