longest cigar

World’s Longest Cigar

longest cigar  was made in Havanna, Cuba. It was measured on May 3, 2011 by the people from the Guinness Book of Records, who confirmed it’s title. It measured 268 feet and 4 inches (81.8 meters). It was made by 67-year-old cigar-maker Jose Castelar Cueto at the La Triada shop. It took him 8 days to hand roll the world’s longest cigar.

Longest Cigar

Jose started rolling cigars when he was only 14 years old and admits he never thought he’d end up making cigars that are nearly the size of a football field. He first made cigar history in 2001 when he made a 36.22 feet (11.04 meters) long cigar, followed by a 48.75 feet (14.86 meters) one  in 2003, then 66.96 feet (20.41 meters) one in 2005 and a 149 feet (45.38 meters) cigar in 2008. But, Jose dosen’t want to stop. He already has plans for his next project, a cigar measuring exactly 100 meters (328 feet), and as says that as long as he is alive, the longest cigar in the world will always be found in Cuba.

longest cigar