Largest Drum Set

World’s Largest Drum Set

The world’s largest drum set is comprised of 813 pieces, is owned by Dr Mark Temperato (USA) and was counted in Lakeville, New York, USA. Dr Mark Temperato is a member of the band called Jesus the Soul Solution. He transports the drum set in a custom-built trailer.

Reverend Mark Temperato, 53, (who goes by the stage name RevM) has constructed a kit that features 813 pieces and weighs more than 5,000 lbs; the kit is made up of a mixture of drums, cymbals and cow bells and was assembled by Temperato over a 20 year period; his drum kit sets the new world record for the Largest drum set.

In order to prove that the World’s largest drum set was fully functional, Temperato had to be able to hit all pieces from either a standing or sitting position without taking a step to either side.

Largest Drum Set

With some pieces being up to eight feet away from each other, it takes the drummer an hour to strike each piece on the largest drum kit in the world.

The world’s largest drum kit also requires up to 17 hours of maintenance a week.

He said: “I have dedicated a lot of hours towards building the kit but my aim is to break the 1,000 part mark.

“Not many people have been on it – it really does has to be seen to be believed quite how big it is.

“If I hit everything at least once it would take an hour so it’s quite an effort.
“I need to keep limber to hit things which may be seven or eight feet away but I have memorised everything in my kit.

Temperato is reportedly already working on ways to make his kit bigger.