World’s Fastest Elevator

Almost every year a new enormous skyscraper pops up somewhere on the planet. As skyscrapers get bigger, it is only right that elevators get faster. Here, we are talking about the World’s Fastest Elevator.


As we’ve seen in our tallest buildings in the world list, most of them are located in Asia, so it is only logical that the world’s fastest elevator also calls Asia its home. In fact it is located in the 4th tallest building – Taipei 101 in Taiwan. The speed of this elevator is comparable to a car on a city street, as it reaches 37.65 mph (60.6 km/h), or 55 ft/s (16.83 m/s). This means it can transport passengers from the fifth floor to the 89th floor in only 37 seconds.


There are two of these elevators and they were constructed by Toshiba. As you might have guessed it, fastest elevator in the world also comes with a hefty price of more than two million U.S. dollars. However, Mitsubishi plans to install elevators in the Shanghai Tower that will take the crown in 2014 with a top speed of 40.26 mph (64.8 km/h).