World's dirtiest man

World’s Dirtiest Man

80-year-old Iranian Amou Haji was recently dubbed the world’s filthiest man. Claiming that cleanliness literally makes him sick, Haji didn’t take a bath for over 60 years. He also has a peculiar habit of smoking animal feces.

world's dirtiest man

Beating the previous record of 38 bath-free years set by 66-year-old Kailash Singh from India, Amou reportedly lives in a remote Dejgah village in the Southern Iranian province of Fars.World's dirtiest man

He survives on rotten meat, naming decomposing porcupine flesh as a personal favorite. Offered a free shower and a warm meal, Haji angrily refuses.

As for his poo-smoking habit, Amou occasionally likes to light up his pipe, filling it with a mix of tobacco and animal feces. He also makes cigarettes sometimes, smoking up to five of them at the same time.

World's Dirtiest man

According to Teheran Times, Haji’s mental state can be attributed to severe psychic trauma from youth, but the dirtiest man in the world still seems like a happy one. He is successfully avoiding most of modern man’s issues and truly lives like a free man, something not a lot of us can say. Would you agree?

World's Dirtiest man