World's Biggest Gold Ring

World’s Biggest Gold Ring

World’s Biggest Gold Ring has been achieved by The ‘Najmat Taiba’ manufactured by Taiba for Gold and Jewellery Company Ltd, Saudi Arabia.

World's Biggest Gold Ring

It took 55 workers 45 days to finish the ring which also has 615 Swarovski stones according to The ring has a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records and was endorsed by the World Gold Council.

The Najmat Taiba cost its owner only $547,000 to make back in 2000, when gold priced at about $250 an ounce.

The world’s largest gold ring has 2,200 mm perimeter, 700 mm outer perimeter, 490 mm inside diameter, 500 mm back width and 250 mm width of the ring bottom. It is studded with 615 pieces of Swarovski stones. The 21-carat ring weighs 63.856 kg (around 141 pounds)