Strangest Places on Earth #9 : Pamukkale

Castles are made of bricks, right ? Wrong ! Pamukkale means “Cotton Castle” in Turkish. Baffling, isn’t it !

Strangest Places on Earth #9 : Pamukkale


Pamukkale is considered to be a real “pearl” of Turkey and is one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in the world. This special place full of mystery and romance is indeed one of the best destinations, attracting more and more tourists each year. In Turkish, its name can be translated as the “cotton castle”, which it actually is. Pamukkale is a natural site in the Menderes River valley in Denizli Province, which offers the city a mild climate throughout the year.


The ancient castle built on the hill nearby is a real fortress and it is symbolic for the city. This enormous construction of 2,700 meters (8,860 feet) long, 160 meters (525 feet) high and 600 meters (1,970 feet) wide can be seen from 20 km away, in the town of Denizli, which lies on the other side of the hill. The landscape here is absolutely spectacular. In time, due to various tectonic movements, nature has created here a fascinating view, which reveals the famous limestone bathrooms that where shaped by earthquakes, creating a real kingdom of imposing stairs. Subsequently, water covered the area between these stairs and dug in the limestone, forming small craters. The water in the area is thermal and contains hydrogen and calcium, allowing once again tourism to flourish.


At every 250 liters of water flowing down the stairs, 2.2 grams of calcium is deposited. In time, this process resulted in the formation of real stalactites, giving the region a white wintery look. Therefore, this unique place looks like a natural fortress of ice, although the water temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit). In some place, swimming can be really impossible, but there are plenty of bathtubs where you can enjoy taking a bath. Keep in mind that people aren’t allowed to walk on the edges wearing shoes, as they could damage the limestone that makes this place unique.


Pamukkale is a place where you can relax in luxurious conditions, but with prices for every pocket. Thus, a stay for two people, including lodging, breakfast, transportation and facilities all inclusive, doesn’t exceed 350 euros. Moreover, tourists must know that if they want to travel to Pamukkale, they must take care off the environment. Turks living there, and especially those who take care for the park, keep a close eye to pollution and basic hygiene rules.


So when are you going ??