Strangest Places on Earth #16 : Iglu Lodge

Hello folks ! It has been a while, hasn’t it ? Well, trust me, searching for bizarre destinations is a bizarre habit in itself, and can prove even more bizarre if you get stuck at some such bizarre place leading into a bizarre experience !!

Just kidding !!

So here we are, continuing with this strange habit of providing strange information about strange places. Today, it will be about an ice hotel. Cool right ?

Strangest Places on Earth #16 : Iglu Lodge


Iglu Lodge is an ice hotel in Southern Germany’s Allgäu Alps. The place offers an unusual experience for tourists who are seeking a snowy getaway with a spectacular design featuring the sculptural and architectural work of local artists.


The lodging’s creative details are all over the place. The walls of the icy rooms are elaborately decorated with curious faces and objects.


The hotel has been rebuilt each winter season. Every year it is decorated in ice sculptures that follow a specific theme. This year’s theme is “Wild Wild West.”


Above it all, guests are also welcome to soak in a hot tub at a temperature of 40°C and at an altitude of almost 2,000 meters.


 Owner Matthias Lenz insists, “The interior design makes our guests speechless over and over again.  “

The hotel’s artistic renderings are everywhere you look. The walls of the icy accommodations are full of lively inspiration in every direction as faces and objects made of snow and ice pop out at the viewer. The themes vary from room to room, encouraging exploration of the amenities, which includes a festive restaurant and an ice bar. Despite the low temperatures of the environment, past visitors claim, “Inside the igloo it’s not as cold as expected.” IgluLodge explains: “This is due to the interior design of the igloos!” Additionally, they say, “On the snow-beds lies a layer of insulation next to an original Norwegian reindeer skin and a sleeping bag, that without doubt, meets up to a Himalaya expedition!”