longest six in cricket history

Longest SIX in Cricket history

McLaren to Shahid Afridi, SIX, is that the longest six in cricket history hit in South Africa (at Johannesburg, Mar 17, 2013) 158 metres On a length and Afridi gets stuck into that one, he’s middled that superbly, that’s out of the ground, out of the stadium, McLaren has gifted him a length ball and that’s been smashed over the roof.

longest six in cricket history

The six was part of Afridi’s 88 runs, which came off 48 balls, and included 7 huge sixes. A few more overs, and a bit more luck, and he might have won the match for Pakistan. Unfortunately his luck ran out, soon after he was bowled off a no-ball from McLaren.

Shahid Afridi is still top of the list when it comes to most sixes in ODI cricket, the only man to so far surpass the 300 mark, currently in 308.

Twitters was set abuz with comments as Boom Boom lived up to his name

Pat Symcox, former South African spinner, commented on Afridis’ batting style with the following tweet: “De Villiers is like a drummer. He is brutal. Amla is like a violen. He is subtle. Shahid Afridi is like a base drummer” That certainly goes well with the nickname of Boom Boom!! Symcox also tweeted that he was glad not to be part of the South African XI, saying that they had their faces red while Afridi was batting.

longest six in cricket history

Piers Morgan tweeted “Afridi’s nickname is ‘BOOM BOOM’ in honor of his 6-hitting talents – probably why he’s my favorite batsman to watch.” He certainly did live up to his nickname, something we haven’t seen in a while. South Africa should be very worried for the rest of the series, as an confident Afridi, can swing any match in Pakistan favor.

Lord’s Ground @HomeOfCricket tweeted “I’ve just seen a replay of Shahid Afridi’s monster six against South Africa. Wow! Think it would have cleared the Lord’s Pavilion?” They still end the tweet with a question mark? I have no doubt it would have cleared the Lord’s Pavillion!!!

Azhar Mahmood tweeted “ Good to see Afridi back inform! Well played today!” I think the whole world supports this tweet, nothing better than to watch the man himself in full swing!

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