largest kitchen in the world

largest kitchen in the world

The largest kitchen in the world is at Golden Temple ,Amritsar.The Golden temple in Amritsar is the holiest and shiniest of all Sikh Temples in the World. Bare-footed Sikh pilgrims make their way silently around a huge serene lake, filled with what look like prize-winning koi carp, in order to enter the temple and worship.

Only, the temple isn’t silent at all. There’s the almighty smashing and clashing of a gargantuan washing up session, because the Golden Temple also plays host to the largest kitchen in world which feeds up to 100,000 people a day. Everyone who visits is invited to eat for free, the idea being that people of all religions, race, gender, age and social status can sit and eat together as equals.

The meal is frugal and consists of urud dal, an earthy gingery black dal, served with rice, thick chapattis and kheer – a sweet hot rice pudding flavoured with saffron. It’s not fancy, but it’s an incredibly soothing and nourishing meal.

An enormous amount of preparation goes into the making of it all. There are hundreds of Sikh volunteers scattered around the kitchen, each with a specific task. In the entrance, they armed with knives, chopping up piles of carrots, beans and other vegetables.

largest kitchen in the world

These men are in charge of an unimaginably big pot of rice pudding:

largest kitchen in the world

And here is where people eat, elbow to elbow, along with hundreds of others, cross-legged and contentedly.


The institution of Guru ka Langar has served the community in many ways. It has ensured the participation of women and children in a task of service for mankind. Women play an important role in the preparation of meals, and the children help in serving food to the pangat. Langar also teaches the etiquette of sitting and eating in a community situation, which has played a great part in upholding the virtue of sameness of all human beings; providing a welcome, secure and protected sanctuary.

largest kitchen in the world

The Roti Making Machine

Everyone is welcome to share the Langar at the largest kitchen in the world; no one is turned away. The food is normally served twice a day, every day of the year. Each week a family or several families volunteer to provide and prepare the Langar. This is very generous, as there may be several hundred people to feed, and caterers are not allowed. All the preparation, the cooking and the washing-up is also done by voluntary helpers.

Darbar Saheb’s Guru Ka Langar: A Sikh temple without a Community Kitchen is inconceivable. Cooked food is serviced in the kitchen of the Harmandir Sahib 24 hours to all visitors irrespective of religion, caste, creed and nationality. The expenses are met out of the Temple funds.