highest jump by dog


The world record for the Highest jump by a dog is 172.7 cm (68 in), achieved by Cinderella May, a Holly Grey, owned by Kate Long and Kathleen Conroy (both USA) of Miami, Florida, USA, at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Finals, Gray Summit, Missouri, USA on 7 October 2006.

There are many dog agility competitions every year and most include hurdle high jumping contests. In this competition, dogs jump over hurdles that are raised in 2-inch increments. There must be a mat for the dogs to land on when events take place on hard surfaces. Dogs are given two opportunities to clear the hurdle and are out of the competition once they can no longer clear the hurdle without knocking off the bar. Three Guinness record-holders have come from this type of dog competition. In 2006, a greyhound named Cinderella May cleared a hurdle set at 5 feet, 8 inches. The previous Guinness record-holder was a borzois named Wolf who cleared a 5 feet, 2 inch hurdle. Olive Oyl, a Russian wolfhound, held the Guinness record for a while with her 4 feet, 11 inch jump. An Ibizan hound named Leap jumped 5 feet, 4 inches at a Superdog competition in 2005.  Howevrr his jump was not recognized by Guinness World Book officials.