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Nelson Mandela : A Tribute in Facts

Nelson Mandela : A Tribute in Facts 1. This man that changed the world grew up in a tiny village andwas the first member of his family to attend school. His father, who served as a counselor to tribal

World’s Most Expensive Video Game Ever Produced

Grand Theft Auto 5  (“GTA 5”) is the world’s  most expensive video game ever produced, sitting at a development and marketing budget of £170 million, or $265 million. That’s two-hundred sixty-seven million dollars to produce a game

Worlds Cutest Dog

He has nearly two million fans and a book deal. But Boo isn’t a reality TV star, actor or a pop singer – he’s a pet dog.Boo is not any normal dog,he is the worlds cutest dog.

Most Expensive Home in the World

Antilia is a 27-floor personal home in South Mumbai belonging to businessman Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries. A full-time staff of 600 maintains the residence, reportedly the most expensive home in the world. The building is named after the mythical Atlantic island

Most People In One Pair Of Underpants

Thrill seekers at a UK theme park helped drinks firm Dr Pepper set a new record  when 169 people crammed into a pair of giant Y-Fronts to set the record for Most People In One Pair Of Underpants.

Worlds Most Expensive Perfume

“You are never fully dressed without perfume!”. And talking about perfumes, Clive Christians ‘No.1 Imperial Majesty’ is the World’s Most Expensive Perfume. The ‘No.1 Imperial Majesty’ bottle contains 500ml of Clive’s ‘No.1 Perfume’ and is set with a

Most Spoons On A Human Body

A metallic man whose body provides a bizarre attraction to heavy metal has gone to great lengths to get his spot stuck firmly in the record books.Etibar Elchiyev posed with more than 50 spoons magnetized to his skin

Most people inside a 2012 Mini

The Mini Cooper is now confirmed as a great car with which to pick up chicks-up to 28 of them at a time, to be specific. That’s the number of limber ladies you can fit in a Mini, as

Worlds Fastest Man On Four Limbs

Usain Bolt may be the fastest man alive, but Japan’s Kenichi Ito holds the title of  Worlds Fastest Man On four limbs. Kenichi Ito defended his spot in the Guinness World Records for the fastest four-legged 100-meter dash,

Most Consecutive Weeks as the World’s No. 1 Tennis Player

For 237 weeks Roger Federer was untouchable. Roger Federer was at the top of his sport from February 2004 to August 2008. When you really break it down there is no way you can consider anybody other