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The heaviest motorcycle is the Harzer Bike Schmiede, built by Tilo and Wilfried Niebel of Zilly, Germany, which weighed 4.749 tonnes (10,470 lb) on 23 November 2007.  A giant motorbike powered by a Russian tank engine has

Fastest ODI Century by An Indian

    Virat Kohli !!!! Who doesn’t know that name ? By now, it doesn’t matter whether you are an Indian or not. If you are a cricket lover, you will recognize that name. Kohli was the captain


The Heaviest weight lifted by tongue is 12.5 kg (27 lb 8.96 oz) by Thomas Blackthorne (UK) who lifted the weight hooked through his tongue on the set of El Show Olímpico, in Mexico City, Mexico, on


The heaviest limousine is “Midnight Rider” weighing 22,933 kg (50,560 lb). It is 21.3 m (70 ft) long and 4.1 m (13 ft 8 in) high. It was designed by Michael Machado and Pamela Bartholemew (both USA)

Worlds Heaviest Living Athlete

At 6 feet, 8 inches, 704 pounds, Emmanuel Yarborough sticks out in a crowd – even a crowd of Guinness World Records holders.Yarborough, 47, is an amateur sumo wrestler who has also competed in mixed martial arts judo,

Heaviest Onion

World Record of growing heaviest Onion has been achieved by Peter Glazebrook from Harrogate, England. This heaviest onion weighed 18lb and 1oz at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show. Peter, a 68-year-old retired chartered  surveyor, who lives near

Heaviest baby born ever

Giantess Anna Bates  (Canada) (1846–88), who measured 2.27 m (7 ft 5.5 in), gave birth to a boy weighing 10.8 kg (23 lb 12 oz) (length 76 cm (30 in)) at her home in Seville, Ohio, USA

World’s Heaviest Bench Press

Ryan Kennelly The current world bench press champion is Ryan Kennelly, who pressed 1075 lbs (487.6 kg) in November 8, 2008. He has gradually improved his world best mark after beating the previous holder of the record