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World’s Most Photographed Tigress

MACHALI !! Machali (T-16), the royal tigress is the most famed in India and is exclusively the pride of Ranthambore National Park. The glorious palaces, lakes and fort of Ranthambore are the major strong hold of Machali.

World’s Most Expensive Book

Despite its miniature size, this tiny 1640 book of psalms called “Bay Psalm Book” easily fetched an astonishing $14.2 million figure at recent Sotheby’s auction, making it not only the world’s most expensive book, but the most expensive

U.S. Unveils Plans for World’s Fastest Spy Plane

Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works has confirmed that it is developing the SR-72 spy plane. The successor to the SR-71 Blackbird, which was capable of Mach 3.5, the SR-72 will be a hypersonic unmanned aircraft capable of Mach


Kapurthala lad Gaganjeet Bhullar scripted a brilliant chapter in India’s golfing history by becoming the first Indian to win Indonesia Open. Bhullar led after every round, only sharing the lead in the third round with Thailand’s Jazz


The heaviest motorcycle is the Harzer Bike Schmiede, built by Tilo and Wilfried Niebel of Zilly, Germany, which weighed 4.749 tonnes (10,470 lb) on 23 November 2007.  A giant motorbike powered by a Russian tank engine has


The most poisonous fish in the world is known as the stonefish and its poison is fatal to a lot of animals including humans. These fish are found in the genus Synanceia. They are found in the coastal

Lowest Limbo by a Woman

Congrats to Shemika Charles, who is now the Guinness World Record holder in limbo. Sheshimmied under a bar that was only 8.5 inches from the ground, and watching her makes our ankles ache. Shemika Charles, the 18-year-old Trinidadian national living in Buffalo, New


The fastest circumnavigation by bicycle by a female is 152 days and 1 hour and was achieved by Juliana Buhring (Germany) who cycled a distance of 29,070 km (18,063.22 mi). The journey started and finished at Piazza

Worlds Cheapest Mars Mission

India has taken a giant leap in its space program by launching a spacecraft bound for Mars. If the country’s first interplanetary foray is successful, India will become the first Asian country and the fourth worldwide to

Ind vs Aus: Stats highlights from a Relentless Run-fest

  A total of 3596 runs were scored in the six ODIs between India and Australia, for the loss of 73 wickets in 541.3 overs – a run rate of 6.64 per over, and an average of