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World’s costliest smartphone

Is the world ready for another smartphone? How about one that will cost $14,000 for its most basic model? Today, Sirin Labs — a startup put together by a team of founders out of Israel — used

5 startups that will become unicorns

1. UrbanClap This company founded in 2014 has already become the leading light in the services marketplace space. The local services is a very big market and pain point for the Indian consumer. There is high level

The Most Expensive Homes In The World

Well, I guess it’s everyone’s dream to own an expensive, multi-million dollar house. With wishing good luck to whoever is really confident about owning one, one day, I would give others a delight and excitement that they

Facts About General Elections in India

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, so one of the biggest shows on earth is unravelling in the heartlands of India nowadays. What better time than this to have a look at some election trivia. So once again, here

World’s Most Photographed Tigress

MACHALI !! Machali (T-16), the royal tigress is the most famed in India and is exclusively the pride of Ranthambore National Park. The glorious palaces, lakes and fort of Ranthambore are the major strong hold of Machali.

World’s Most Interesting Persons (#1)

Why just places ? Humans can be interesting too !! Very interesting, in fact !! So here we are, bringing you interesting facts about some really interesting personalities from around the world. And no, we are not

World’s Dirtiest Man

80-year-old Iranian Amou Haji was recently dubbed the world’s filthiest man. Claiming that cleanliness literally makes him sick, Haji didn’t take a bath for over 60 years. He also has a peculiar habit of smoking animal feces. Beating

Facts about the Indian Republic Day

26th January ! If you have grown up in India, you will instantly recognize this date as an important one. Why so ? India celebrates Republic Day on the 26th of every January. On this day in


QUACK !! QUACK !! The Largest collection of rubber ducks has been achieved by Charlotte Lee (USA). Lee has 5,631 different rubber ducks, as of 10 April 2011, which she has been collecting since 1996. Charlotte Lee


Elaine Davidson is the “Most Pierced Woman” according to the Guinness World Records. Elaine Davidson is the world record holder for body piercing in the Guinness Book of Records and as of March 2012 her piercings total