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The largest poster is 3,234.31 m² (34,814.19 ft²) and was achieved by Team Akshay (India) and manufactured by Macro Art Ltd (UK). It was unveiled at Little Gransden Airfield, Cambridgeshire, UK, on 3 October 2013. The poster

worlds largest family

Pu Ziona  (also referred to in the media as Ziona Chana) (born 1944/1945) is a head of Pu Chana páwl, a Christiansect formed in June 1942, which survives in the mountains of Mizoram state of India, sharing borders with Bangladesh and Myanmar and is also recorded as the

Most Expensive Home in the World

Antilia is a 27-floor personal home in South Mumbai belonging to businessman Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries. A full-time staff of 600 maintains the residence, reportedly the most expensive home in the world. The building is named after the mythical Atlantic island

Largest Library In The World

The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world, with more than 155.3 million items on approximately 838 miles of   bookshelves. The collections include more than 35 million books and   other print materials, 3.4 million recordings,

Largest Stadium In The World

The Strahov Stadium (“Strahovský stadion” in Czech) is a stadium in the Strahov district of Prague, Czech Republic. It is the largest stadium in the world, seating nearly 250,000 and the field is equivalent to 9 football

Worlds Largest Aquarium

The S.E.A. Aquarium, Singapore, with its 49 habitats totalling  38.7 million litres (8.5 million UK gal; 10.2 million US gal) of salt water and fresh water, is the worlds largest aquarium. It was officially inaugurated on 7

Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Mahatma Gandhi

An inspiring 485 underprivileged children walked in the footsteps of a political icon in Kolkata.The children, aged from 10 -16, donned wigs, fake moustaches and copied the former leader’s trademark round spectacles as they set their new

Largest Collection of Barbie Dolls

Bettina Dorfmann, from Dusseldorf, Germany, has featured in the 2013 Guinness Book of Records for her amazing Barbie Doll collection which numbers 15,000 items and is the Largest Collection of Barbie Dolls throughout the world. She started