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Biggest Nuclear Explosions of All Time

5. Operation Ivy – Mike (1952) – 10.4 megatons – As the largest pure fission nuclear bomb ever tested in the US, Ivy King gets to kick off our list with 500 times more power that the legendary Nagasaki

World’s Biggest Gold Coin

  World’s biggest gold coin was crafted by the Perth Minth, a company from Australia that manufactures coins. The coin weights one tonne, and is 31 inches (80 cm) in diameter and nearly 5 inches (12 cm) deep.

World’s Biggest Gold Ring

World’s Biggest Gold Ring has been achieved by The ‘Najmat Taiba’ manufactured by Taiba for Gold and Jewellery Company Ltd, Saudi Arabia. It took 55 workers 45 days to finish the ring which also has 615 Swarovski

World’s Biggest Casino

At the time of writing, the world’s biggest casino is not where you might think it is. It’s not in Las Vegas, it’s not in California, it’s not even in North America. Monaco? Still in the wrong

Biggest Controversies – Titanic

The Titanic conspiracy is one of the biggest controversies surrounding the gigantic vessel. The Titanic and Olympic were very similar vessels from the exterior. One of the biggest controversial and complex theories was put forward by Robin