Biggest Nuclear Explosions of All Time

biggest nuclear bomb ever

5. Operation Ivy – Mike (1952) – 10.4 megatons – As the largest pure fission nuclear bomb ever tested in the US, Ivy King gets to kick off our list with 500 times more power that the legendary Nagasaki bomb from World War II.


4. Operation Castle – Romeo (1954) – 11 megatons – Detonated at the same place as Ivy Mike, Romeo reached the whopping power of 11 megatons, making the public wonder about the potential devastating effects of nuclear weaponry.


3. Operation Castle – Yankee (1954) – 13.5 megatons  Tested merely a month after Romeo, Yankee took the matters even further, causing a massive 13.5-megaton explosion


2. Operation Castle – Bravo (1954) – 15 megatons – The most powerful nuclear bomb ever tested in the US, Bravo is commonly considered the very peak of Operation Castle, causing a gigantic 15-megaton explosion, 1,200 times more powerful than the Little Boy bomb dropped on Hiroshima in WWII.

biggest nuclear explosion

1. Tsar Bomba (1961) – 50 megatons – By far the most powerful nuclear bomb of all time, Tsar Bomba shook the world with a whopping power of 50 megatons, crowning Russia with the strongest atom bomb ever.