biggest meteor strike

Biggest Meteor Strikes in History



5. Manicouagan Crater – Quebec, Canada – 215 million years ago

What became known as Lake Manicouagan was created through an asteroid impact over 200 million years ago. This gigantic crater has a 62-mile (100 km) diameter.



4. Woodleigh Crater – Western Australia – 364 million years ago – With a diameter varying up to 75 miles (120 km), the Woodleigh Crater was created by a meteor drop from well over 350 million years ago.

biggest meteor strike


3. Acraman Crater – South Australia – 580 million years ago – Taking us back over half a billion years back, the Acraman meteor created what is today known as Lake Acraman, featuring an impressive 56-mile (90 km) diameter.

biggest meteor strike


2. Sudbury Basin – Ontario, Canada – 1.8 billion years ago – Going back eons into past, the Sudbury Basin features a gigantic diameter of 81 miles (130 km) in length.

biggest meteor strike ever


1. Vredefort Crater – South Africa – 2 billion years ago – Finally, the biggest meteor crater of all time – the Vredefort Crater and its glorious 118-mile (190 km) diameter. The site itself was declared a part of Unesco World Heritage in 2005.

biggest meteor strike