Largest Hotel in the World

Mecca Tower 

  • City: Mecca
  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Number of rooms/suites: 8,000
  • Floors: 52, 37 and 14 floors (three towers)
  • Height: 601 m
  • Global rank: 1

biggest hotel in the world

Mecca Clock Tower is also known as Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower  is the largest and very popular  hotel all over the world which is located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Used for both residential and hosteling purposes. Its construction was started in 2004 and it was opened for public in 2012. the number of floors is 120 which is one of highest figure.


The building is topped by a four-faced clock, visible from 25 kilometres (16 miles) away. The clock is the largest in the world and is 400 meters above the ground. The clock dwarfs London’s Big Ben, once the largest four-faced clock in the world, and the previous holder of that title, the Allen-Bradley Clock Tower in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The clock’s face is also bigger than the previous record holder as the largest clock face in the world, the Cevahir Mall clock in Istanbul.


Each of the clock’s four faces measure 46 m (151 ft) in diameter and are illuminated by 2 million LED lights, with four oriented edges, just above the clock alongside huge Arabic script reading: “God is the Greatest” on the north and south faces and on the west and east the Koran. Four golden domes on pillars on all the corners are also present. Another 21,000 white and green colored lights, the same as the Saudi Flag, fitted at the top of the clock, will flash to signal Islam’s five-times daily prayers, and will be visible as far as 30 km (19 mi) away. On special occasions such as new year, 16 bands of vertical lights will shoot some 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) up into the sky. The clock’s four faces will be covered with 98 million pieces of glass mosaics. The Saudi coat of arms is displayed at the center of each clock behind the dials. The minute hand is 22 m (72 ft) long, while the hour hand is 17 m (56 ft) long.

An observatory deck is at the base of the clock. Elevators take visitors up to an observation balcony just beneath the clock faces.