Best Selling Mobile Phone of All Time

Nokia -1100


Are you Surprised! yes its true Nokia- The Model no -1100 is the best selling mobile phone of all  time, It was launched in 2005, sold a staggering 250 million.So how is this possible when people rave all of the time about the new iPhone or its main Android competitor, Samsung Galaxy. It is quite simple actually, a very low price, especially when compared to these high-end phones, and a fact that a lot of carriers used to give it for free with a contract.


The current trend is of smartphones and every brand wants to get in the heat, trying to make what they call ‘iPhone killers’ but its not too easy. But, once upon a time, Nokia had launched an iPhone killer of its own. iPhone has not been able to beat it by far, even the latest version of it fails to shadow its legacy. Its the one and only Nokia 1100. Don’t believe in this? Let me tell you that Nokia 1100 is the best selling mobile phone ever, about 8 times moreApple iPhone 4 has been sold.