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Facts About General Elections in India

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, so one of the biggest shows on earth is unravelling in the heartlands of India nowadays. What better time than this to have a look at some election trivia. So once again, here

World’s Most Photographed Tigress

MACHALI !! Machali (T-16), the royal tigress is the most famed in India and is exclusively the pride of Ranthambore National Park. The glorious palaces, lakes and fort of Ranthambore are the major strong hold of Machali.

World’s Most Interesting Persons (#1)

Why just places ? Humans can be interesting too !! Very interesting, in fact !! So here we are, bringing you interesting facts about some really interesting personalities from around the world. And no, we are not

Facts about the Indian Republic Day

26th January ! If you have grown up in India, you will instantly recognize this date as an important one. Why so ? India celebrates Republic Day on the 26th of every January. On this day in

Strangest Places on Earth #16 : Iglu Lodge

Hello folks ! It has been a while, hasn’t it ? Well, trust me, searching for bizarre destinations is a bizarre habit in itself, and can prove even more bizarre if you get stuck at some such

Strangest Places on Earth #15 : Mendehall Glacier

It’s Winter in full swing now, right ? So why not some real ‘cool’, icy facts about another wonderful creation of mother nature !! Strangest Places on Earth #15 : Mendehall Glacier These, dear friends, are the Mendenhall

Strangest New Year Traditions

It is not only the festive mood and the delightful cheer that marks the New Year, but, one can also see some interesting rituals and customs being performed on this day. Over time, different beliefs and notions

Strangest Places on Earth #14 : Mount Roraima

While Mount Roraima might not the be the snowiest, nor the tallest mountain ever, it is certainly one of the more interesting and is considered to be one of the oldest geological features in the world. Strangest

Strangest Places on Earth #13 : Zhangye Danxia Landform

A colorful mountain range it is. Looks like the Gods decided to play Holi on these rocks. Strangest Places on Earth #13 : Zhangye Danxia Landform Your eyes are not deceiving you. This layer cake of amazing

Strangest Places on Earth #12 : Black Forest

No, there is nothing really scary about Black Forest, other than its name, perhaps ! The Black Forest of Germany’s superb state of Baden-Württemberg is a first-rate destination to explore. Strangest Places on Earth #12 : Black Forest