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World’s costliest smartphone

Is the world ready for another smartphone? How about one that will cost $14,000 for its most basic model? Today, Sirin Labs — a startup put together by a team of founders out of Israel — used

The Incredible Food Tech Discount Hoax

As we all know, nowadays when it comes to food ordering we turn to mobile apps predominantly Foodpanda , the company that is at the heart of the business and has cornered the majority of the market.

Features of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

On Wednesday, Apple unveiled the latest refresh to the iPhone lineup: the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. Being an ‘s’ upgrade, both the new iPhone models largely look largely identical to their respective immediate predecessors

5 startups that will become unicorns

1. UrbanClap This company founded in 2014 has already become the leading light in the services marketplace space. The local services is a very big market and pain point for the Indian consumer. There is high level

Top 10 Features of OnePlus 2

OnePlus 2 is finally here, ending months of wait for the fans and speculation by the users. The new smartphone costs Rs 24,999(64GB variant), will be available starting August 11 and comes with several features that no

Biggest Meteor Strikes in History

    5. Manicouagan Crater – Quebec, Canada – 215 million years ago What became known as Lake Manicouagan was created through an asteroid impact over 200 million years ago. This gigantic crater has a 62-mile (100 km)

Biggest Smokers in the World by Countries

1. Serbia – 2,869 cigarettes per adult annually   Topping the list as a clear winner, Serbia managed to reach the 2,869 mark and grab the title of the world’s top-smoking country. 2.Bulgaria – 2,822 cigarettes per